This publication was made possible through a research grant sponsored by the HES-SO and the HEMU Vaud Valais Fribourg.

I would like to thank the administration and my colleagues at the HEMU Lausanne, Sion Site, for their efficiency, support and positive energy.

A special gratitude to my students at the HEMU of Lausanne, Sion Site, and the former Conservatory and Academy of Music “Tibor Varga”,
who have participated in testing the exercises over the past fifteen years:

Patric Birer, David Blanc, Mathieu Constantin, Aymeric Demaugé-Bost, Dimitar Daskalov, Hervé Dubois, Samuel Frachebourg, Aleksander Galaganov,
Carla Garrido, Guillaume Geny, Alejandro Gonzalez, Dimitar Ivanov, Niklaus Leu, Adriana Maimone, Svetlin Markov, Cla Mathieu, Cédric Meyer, Pierre Meyer, Marisa Minder, Manuela Mutter, Gwennaëlle Paratte, Albert Pia, Renaud Renquin, Tristan Savary, Josquin Schwizgebel, Yossif Shukerov, Jonas Skielboe,
Luke Toshimitsu, Viktoria Tzvetkova, Julien Vergère